Macro Photography on a budget

If you want to try your hand at Macro Photography and don't have the budget for a new lens. Try this setup; using existing lenses (with one of them being manual aperture), gaffer tape (duct tape 😉) tripod and Macro Photography rail slide (25 bucks) and a flash. Tape the two lenses together, attach one lens to your camera open aperture, then manually set the other aperture to 8-10. Turn on live view, using the adjustment reels on the rail move in or out until your subject is in focus. Take a few pics (I used three). Once satisfied upload to your editing software (I use Light Room), do a quick photo edit to your liking ensuring there all roughly the same. Once satisfied with the quick edit merge to focus stack or HDR (I use HDR) finish editing to your liking, crop if you wish. I do because if you don't you will have a black circle around your subject. Again this is if you simply want to dabble in Macro Photography, if you're going all in you may want to just buy the proper gear. Here is my setup and the result. Again this took me about 40 min including photo editing, so not going to be award winning, but pretty cool I think.👍

Enjoy and thank you for visiting 📸😎

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