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BIG NEWS for small business!

Yesterday was a great day for me! I got to spend it with my amazing daughter Ashley (great company, plus my driver lately after some abdominal surgery last week). We met some fantastic people, one of which was a reporter for the Nisqually Valley News. He wanted to do small interview with me about my photography business. Since Ashley is my assistant, I of course made sure she could be there as well. So be watching for this guy and his daughter's photo coming out online on Tuesday and in print on Thursday! After our interview, we stopped at a couple places and got some great information from Shine Specialties on ways to market my photography. We then went to InGenius Art Gallery, met some wonderful people there, checked out all the beautiful local art work and picked up an application to possibly get my landscape and fine art photography on display as well. From there we went and met a soon to be newlywed couple searching for a wedding photographer. We had a great meeting discussing wedding photos and showing them wedding photo work I have done. We hope to be working with them in the near future.

Wish you all a great weekend. :-)

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