Stop and smell the flowers

Yay!! THE SUN FINALLY SHINED TODAY AND WAS WARM!!! Made me feel like posting flowers! I hope everyone is gearing up for the summer when it arrives in full force, I know I am! I am gearing up for a couple photo shoots in the near future, so excited! I have two great families I get to photograph coming up can't wait! The weather is going to be great I know it is! One family and I will be cruising up and photographing around beautiful Puget Sound. The next wonderful family and I... well that's still a surprise to us. There are so many beautiful places in Western WA Puget Sound area. I then have a fantastic senior photo shoot coming up as soon. Looking forward to some great shoots with some great people! If you are looking to have senior, family or simply yourself photographed give me a call! 360-701-2412 or simply click on my phone number on my homepage of my website and tada! your calling me! Until then please enjoy these beautiful flowers!! If you would like them or other wall decor please just ask.

Remember, slow down life goes by fast enough without rushing it along. :-)

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